Original Material


From time to time I will take up my own projects that I write and/or direct, some of them decent enough to show publicly (Some...). 

Farmer’s Remorse (2011):

Check out this intro scene to a larger piece, special thanks to Keith Mueller for his abilities as an actor. 

Coffee and Soup (2012):

Just a scene in the day in the lives of two people. Yeah I know the sound is crap, utterly worthless (trust me it’s more painful for me), but just watch for the framing, editing etc. And in all honesty, the dialogue is not worth it. 

Coffee and Soup Redux (2012):

Audio filtered and scene color schemed to more be ‘cinematic’ it’s why some films are made in the editing room in post. 

Coming the the End (2013):

Another DFF workshop film, like Farmer’s Remorse, this time with a larger cast, different tone and location.  Not completely finished just an exercise in working camera motions, actors and crew around in a schedule shoot.